Sports & Recreation

Instruction and participation in a variety of physical activities and team sports to keep our youth physically active and healthy..

Triple Play
Triple Play is a comprehensive program that addresses overall wellness for the mind, body and soul. Placing importance on physical activity, sound nutrition, and forming positive relationships, this program teaches members and their families about healthy lifestyles. The goal of Triple Play is to improve members' understanding and knowledge of sound nutrition and healthy food habits, increase the numbers of hours per day they participate in physical activities, and strengthen their ability to form positive relationships.

Wanna Play?
Using baseball and softball as its foundation, Wanna Play? increases members' physical fitness by focusing on agility, balance and coordination. In addition to improving fitness, the program also helps members gain a better understanding of good nutrition and hydration as well as team dynamics all through a series of fun and engaging activities.

Sports Leagues
We offer structured teams and leagues that compete within the Club as well as in inter-club tournaments. With basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, baseball and flag football, there is something for everyone. Jerseys and equipment are provided.
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